non-traditional christmas decor

This year I decided that not only were we actually going to decorate for Christmas, but I was going to try and make most of our decorations.  Potentially crazy, but if they turned out, I’d be set for next year.  Plus, with Pinterest, the possibilities are endless.  The goal was cheap and easy- I didn’t want to build, spray paint, or have to break out the sewing machine.

The tree was my first project.  With two bigger dogs, a cat and a two year (and a small house) we have yet to brave a real tree.  And having grown up with real trees, an artificial one was just not an option.  So off to Pinterest I went!  I found this link almost right away- and since we’d painted a blackboard wall in our dining room earlier this year, it was like it was mean to be…

I didn’t put quite as much work into mine (I only had about an hour to spare), and I didn’t want to to go all the way to the floor for fear of the dogs/kid brushing up against it.  Here is what I came up with:


My friend Jennifer did one too- hers is, of course, better and I am trying not to be jealous!  She hand lettered all of that!  (Amazing, right?!)


So, obviously, this is not something I can use again next year.  But it met both of my criteria (cheap and easy) and there are no messy pine needles to pick up or extract from little toddler feet. Yea!


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