winter finally came to mn…

When you think of Minnesota you think of snow- except for this winter.  Mid-December and we had yet to see more than a dusting.  Today Mother Nature made up for that.  Closing in on a foot and still coming down hard, we have a winter wonderland of white.  Usually I consider snow to be an inconvenience whose beauty does little to assuage the annoyance of a two hour drive to work.  However, when it happens on a Sunday and we have no plans, it suddenly becomes an event that makes me say things like “winter wonderland of white”.

Finn loves the idea of snow.  And he was super excited to get suited up to help Daddy with the “tractor” (snow blower).  It took us 10 minutes to get dressed and about 5 minutes to be tired of the snow.  I did however get a decent picture before we had to go inside.


Stella, on the other hand, loves the snow.  It was coming in that was a bummer.  Here is a shot of her pre-bath covered in snow balls…


And now we are all PJ-ed up and watching Cars on the couch while it still snows outside.  Nothing better.  At least for now.  Fingers crossed it lets up before reality sets in tomorrow am!






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