planes, trains and automobiles…

Steve Martin?  Yes, please!  But comedic genius aside, why is it that little boys are obsessed with all things transportation?  BF (before Finn) I used to think that boys liked boy toys because that’s what they were given…  dads (and moms) wanted boys who played with trucks instead of dolls or tea sets.  But from his very first bus sighting (way before we’d bought him even one toy truck) he was fascinated.  Then came babies (mini-buses, aka “baby buses”), fire trucks, whoo-whoo cars (police cars), choo-choos, bikes, garbage trucks, bulldozers (which encompass all construction vehicles), and race cars.  Of course we now feed the obsession with dollar store trucks and hand-me-down match box cars.  The prize was the Target and Ikea train sets which were supposed to be Christmas gifts, however mom was too excited to wait until Christmas and ended up giving them early (Thanksgiving presents?  That’s a thing, right?)…


And naturally we had to line up all the trucks before we could have breakfast…


Nature verses nurture?  Does is matter?  They keep the little man occupied so mom can Facebook or Pinterest for a few minutes- and for that, I am grateful!


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