love is all you need

Another holiday, another opportunity for cute crafts! My friend Kirsten is an amazing photographer (check out her photos at, and she was offering Valentine’s Day mini-sessions. My mom caught wind and treated Finn to a session.  (OK, who are we kidding, she treated me to Finn’s session since Finn could not care less about photos.)  Naturally, we then had to make some cute Valentines to send out to all his “friends” (who at this age are our friends’ kids).  Here’s what we came up with (with a little inspiration from Minted, b/c who doesn’t love Minted…)


An (expensive) trip to Paper Source and a few mishaps with the printer later and we were set.


On to the next project!  I didn’t want to send picture Valentines to the kids at day care- just seemed a little weird.  I was all set to just suck it up and buy some pre-made ones (gasp!) when a friend inspired me with her heart crayons.  I’d seen them floating around Pinterest and I was THIS close to buying the molds at the Target dollar spot… the fact that hers turned out tipped the scales for me.  Off to Michael’s (as if I needed an excuse).  Finn helped with the breaking of the crayons- what little boy doesn’t like to break things.  And I like any activity that focuses his attention for at least a few minutes!


They turned out fairly well, although when Finn tried to color with the extras we discovered that they don’t really color well.  But aesthetics over practicality- right?  I glued them to craft paper hearts (Paper Source) and attached a cute saying (thank you Pinterest).


(Crayon Tutorial:

Lastly, we made some goody bags for the kids (because of course the cute but not practical valentines were for my benefit- the kids just wanted the goods).  I cheated and picked up heart printed bags from Target, but used some cute free printable tags from Bunny Cakes ( to make them a little less generic.


And here are some of the mini-session outtakes from my favorite, not-so-little-anymore, man… Happy Valentine’s Day!



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