it’s about time/birthday party fun…

So I am apparently the worst blogger ever.  My last post was, oh, over 7 months ago.  I will blame the never ending basement remodel (which is functional, but not finished to my satisfaction), work, a fantastically stubborn and awesome three year old, my husband’s crazy work schedule, and the impending second spawn… Regardless of the reason(s), I’ve decided to start it up again- if for no other reason than I paid the yearly domain name fee and I hate wasting money!

So here it goes… Finn turned the big 0-3 on August 21st, which of course required an epic celebration.  His birthday party requirements were an Elmo cake, three candles, a birthday hat and balloons.  Done.  Which left me free to do the rest of the planning.  To make it easy, I went with a build your own picnic theme. Simple yet cute.  Easy and cheap.  All things I like…



My kid, of course, couldn’t have cared less about the picnic fare.  He was, however, thrilled with the Elmo cake (which, full disclosure, I did not make).  So much that he put his face right into it and helped himself. How do you blame the kid when you secretly wanted to do the same thing!?



Despite it being close to 100 degrees, it turned out well.  The kid was happy.  Asked for a repeat the next weekend.  Success. Time to start planning next year’s… 

Photo credits (once again) to KME photography. Check out her blog for some more pics!


2 thoughts on “it’s about time/birthday party fun…

  1. So cute, Erin! I love the build your own picnic idea! Far superior to my lets-eat-Qdoba-and-call-it-a-fiesta party. 🙂 Haha! I’m hoping some of your creativity will run off on my for next year.

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