“welcome to the world, mighty max”… or “the insanity times two”…

Okay, still the worst blogger ever, but this time I have an excuse.  Welcome to the world, Maxwell Patrick VonRuden Keogh, aka “Mighty Max”, born 12.6.13 at 2:41pm. 6lbs, 9oz, 20.5 inches long. So this blog post is 10 weeks late, oh well… Here’s a quick recap of the last 2.5 months…


Yup, we pretty much just hang out.  I’ve been feeling kinda bad because we have more pictures of Finn from the first week he was alive than we do the first two months of Max.  Typical second child.  Luckily, I’ve discovered Instagram, so I’ve manage to click a few here and there.  We did, however, have some awesome newborn shots taken (thanks to, naturally, the lovely and talented KME photography).  Here are a few of my favorites…


Did I say “a few”?  I meant, “a lot”… The best part is that Finn’s been an awesome big brother.  He’s kinda a mama’s boy (understatement), so I was anticipating a lot of acting out and jealousy.  Nope.  He LOVES his little brother.  Or rather, “his baby”.  In fact, he told me the other day, “we need to get you a baby girl, because I already have my baby boy”.  Not going to happen, but it was a nice thought on his part.  THUR0078 THUR0090

Of course, he was equally excited about his Minion from Bubba and Nana…

Minions are funny

All and all, it’s been good.  Exhausting, but good. Too bad I go back to work in two weeks!


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