an excuse to craft…

So, I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day- overpriced meals, elevated expectations that are never realized, pressure to find yet another perfect gift when we’ve just finished with Christmas and birthdays, and even the chocolate is usually too fancy for my tastes (bring on the Easter candy- I am all about the jelly beans). However, kids bring a whole new meaning to the day- an excuse to craft!  Valentines for school, valentines for friends, valentines for teachers, boxes to decorate… and imagine my pleasure that my kid likes to create as much as I do.  In fact, he announced to his father the other day, “Daddy, Mommy and I are creative… and you’re not”. (Luckily, Daddy redeems himself by being a master of Super Mario Brothers and Minion Rush.) Check out our Valentine’s Day masterpieces…

Finn’s Valentine’s Day box for school (later to be covered in princess stickers as well- at Finn’s insistence, he has an equal opportunity character obsession)…Image

Valentines (thank you Pinterest for the inspiration)!  The superhero suckers were for his classmates, the Burt’s Bees for his teachers and girl friends (not girlfriends, mind you) and the car ones for his boy friends.


Superhero Valentines:

I “Wheelie” Like You Valentines:

Bee Mine Valentines: designed by me, but there are several examples all over Pinterest

Finn’s “best buddy” Will came over the weekend before to decorate cookies.  And like a true child of mine, Finn didn’t skimp on the toppings…


And on the actual day, I even got him to dress up (of course I had to trick him into it by calling it a “Valentine’s Day Costume”, but whatever…).


I’d even venture to say that this V-day exceeded expectations (of course it helped that my husband knew well enough to bring me Killer Brownies from Byerlys!).


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