happy mother’s day!

So I admit it, I don’t love every second of being a mom.  Anyone stuck in that moment where everything collapses at once (both kids having crying, screaming meltdowns, the dogs trying loudly to protect the house from the cute little bunny taking up residence in the front yard, the cat puking on the carpet that we just paid to have cleaned, mom covered in spit up and pretty sure a shower isn’t in the cards for today…) has taken a second to calculate the exact number of minutes until their children (hopefully) move out of the house. You know you have… That being said, I don’t think I could be more crazy about the two little people who moved in and took over my life. Finn, my creative, character-loving, costume wearing, chocolate stealing, goofy, opinionated, spunky, mama’s boy, makes every day crazy, fun, exhausting and memorable.  And Max just makes everyone want to smile with his infectious grin and twinkling eyes… Happy to know these tiny people.



2 thoughts on “happy mother’s day!

  1. They’re so special. You’re so lucky. (that being said, I completely understand the first part too) 🙂 Happy mother’s day, Erin!

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