we kicked memorial day weekend’s, er… bottom!

Anyone who lives in MN knows that you make the most of a perfect (weather) weekend when you have the chance. We totally followed through this weekend. Here are the stats:

  • playgrounds visited: 6
  • trips to the library: 2
  • BBQs with friends: 2
  • trips to the splash pad: 1
  • trips to the dog park: 2
  • The Cat and The Hat and overnight with Bubba and Nana
  • Mom and Dad sort of date night (only one kid with us totally felt like a date night)



Growing up, we had a group of families with whom we picnicked every Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. Seriously some of the best memories.  Two of our families have decided to carry on the tradition with our kids (and some newer friends). Image

The toddlers had a blast and I got to hang out with some cute babies (my own included)…


The boys decided to pose for their first album cover… (This wasn’t on purpose, they just refused to stand next to each other.  Goofs.)



Finn wouldn’t appreciate if I left out one of his highlights- new Captain America Shandals (yup, what they’re called) with light up stars…


And you know it was a good weekend when you find this…


Happy Memorial Day!


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