mother’s day DIY-ing…


Yes, I know Mother’s Day has passed, but we couldn’t post this until we’d actually delivered our Mother’s Day gift to my mom. (And in case anyone is wondering why I didn’t see my mom until several weeks after the actual day, no, I’m not a bad daughter, she was on vacation!)

Here’s what Finn and I made her.  Finn’s contribution: taping and painting the pot and helping me plant the succulent. My contribution: the washi tape flag.  I must say, we were pretty impressed with ourselves (mostly b/c it turned out as envisioned, which isn’t always the outcome of our projects).  Finn and I are both a little particular- poor kid, I passed on the OCD gene.


If you are in need of some (awesome) washi tape, this shop has a fantastic selection… including some super cute road tape that Finn and I have been using to create a race track throughout the house (that, however, is fodder for another blog post).




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