happy father’s day!



Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there… two in particular: My dad, who never let having girls get in the way of coaching sports (even though we were horribly uncoordinated), taking us camping and exploring all over Minnesota (a tradition which will be passed along to my kids), teaching us to “pull my finger” and how not to eat the fart (and other important life skills), and basically being an all around great dad; and my husband, who isn’t afraid to dress up with his son, who gets excited every time he can introduce our kids to one of his childhood traditions, who can play for hours (and hours) at the park, and who is honestly crazy about our two mini-mes.

And a belated shout out to my mom (ok, now I am a bad daughter)…


Girl Scout leader, school volunteer (the Areostar was always stocked with field trip treats), awesome party thrower, best homemade treats maker (hands down)… all around great mom and now a great (“awesome” that is, we’re not THAT old yet) grandma (and baby-sitter). Thanks for setting the example for me.

Happy Father’s Day!



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