mighty max is six months old (aka we survived half a year with two kids)!

So, yes, I was a little nervous about how two kids was going to work.  Pretty sure my second thought after we found out we were expecting was, “holy [bananas], what did we do?!”.  We’d finally gotten to the point where we’d found our groove with Finn- out of the baby stage, but still taking naps (in other words, perfect)- and we felt the need to alter that?!  Crazy, I know.  And yes, there are people that do it with two or three or four (or more) and survive, but I was sure that wasn’t us.  Thankfully, I was wrong (and no, I am not often wrong- ask my husband).  Max slid right into the groove like he had always been here.  Granted, we sleep a little less, and no one naps anymore, but I barely remember what it was like before he showed up (although, to be fair, that might be slightly due to the lack of sleep).  Max is a smiley, happy, sweaty, rosy cheeked, always busy, giant ball of fun with fantastic blue eyes and a great grin- pretty sure we’re gonna keep him.

Maxwell Patrick VonRuden Keogh: 6 months old, 19lbs, 6oz, 27.25 inches





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