finn’s first entrepreneurial experience…

I feel like your first lemonade stand is almost a rite of passage.  When I was little, my sister and I and the neighbor boys would have a lemonade/popcorn/cookie stand on the corner of our neighborhood. Their mom made us an adorable stand with a red striped awning and our mom baked her notoriously good treats.  (I so wish I had a picture…)  We were a smashing success- or at least that’s how I remember it.  I think we each made about $5 (before expenses)- but hey, it was the 80s, so that was a lot back then, right? Lemonade Stand (1 of 1)-37 Last weekend Finn and his buddy, Will, got to have their first lemonade stand.  Since the boys don’t really understand the value of money (and are happy with a couple of nickles), we decided to make it a lesson in helping others.  All of their proceeds and donations went to the Animal Humane Society.  Not sure they completely understood (Finn was going around saying he was helping the dogs), but it was a start.  The boys raised $63.25 (which included some generous donations from the grandparents and neighbors), which was pretty decent for their first time out! Lemonade Stand 7.12 Hank the Dog came (probably to sniff out the free dog bones rumor) and brought along his owners, John and Will. Lemonade Stand (1 of 1)-4 Despite the impending storm (which held off) and the lovey humidity (sarcasm), I’d say this one was a smashing success too.  At least in so much that the boys have been asking to do it again! Lemonade Stand (1 of 1)-6 Lemonade Stand (1 of 1)-11 Lemonade Stand (1 of 1)-22 Lemonade Stand (1 of 1)-39 Lemonade Stand (1 of 1)-42 Oh, and like most things we do, it ended in costumes and play battles… Lemonade Stand (1 of 1)-45


2 thoughts on “finn’s first entrepreneurial experience…

  1. Great read!!!!! However, I don’t remember the lemonade stand with the red striped awning. Did Karen Woestenhoff design that??????

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