a birthday look back

In honor of Finn’s upcoming “4 birthday” (and b/c I didn’t have a blog to post these pictures at the time), here is a look back on Finn’s first three birthdays.  As always, the pictures make it look much cuter than it was, thanks to my lovely and talented friend, Kirsten (http://www.kmephotomn.com/), but hey, isn’t that what pictures are for??

For his first birthday we did a county fair theme, starting with a trip to the Steele County fair the Friday before (my parents grew up in Owatonna, and it was a must do every year growing up), and ending with a fair themed picnic.


Finn's 1st Birthday Collage

Finn1Party-125 copyHis second birthday was (naturally if you knew Finn at the time) an Elmo theme.  The kid loved him some Elmo.  This pic was taken about a month after his actual birthday, but is hands down my favorite pic of Finn…

VonRuden Fall 2012-51-2His actual party was an Elmo themed picnic (the beauty of an August birthday- we can always have it outside).Finn 2nd Birthday CollageFinn’s favorite episode at the time was Stinky’s Annual Birthday Flower, which we had to watch again, and again, and again (and again).  So Stinky came to the party too…

Finn Turns 2-48“Elmo loves his goldfish… his crayon[s] too..” (Try to get that song out of your head… you’re welcome.)

Finn Turns 2-43


Finn Turns 2-86Finn Turns 2-92

Finn’s third birthday was a make-your-own picnic “theme”, if you can call it that, (which you can read all about here: Finn’s 3rd Birthday), however he did request an Elmo cake, which he put his face right into and took a bite.  Somewhat fitting since he never really did much of a first birthday cake smash.  You gotta do it at least once, right?

Finn Turns 3-58

Finn Turns 3-65-2

I keep promising to scale back and have yet to follow through. Which means I have to do the same for Max… back to Pinterest!






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