a finn-tastic “four”



Finn’s fourth birthday came and went to much fanfare (naturally).  We’re kind of birthday fans over here, if that wasn’t obvious. Finn’s actual birthday was on a Thursday, and we celebrated at school on Friday, and his party was on Sunday, so we had (what he called) a Home Birthday, a School Birthday and a Friend Birthday.

Since Finn is a tiny bit into superheroes and costumes, we, of course, had a superhero themed party.  I wasn’t entirely sure what to serve at superhero party, so we went with a build-you-own hot dog bar, because who doesn’t like to build your own anything??

Finn's 4th Birthday(Photo credit: http://www.kmephotomn.com/)

And we had Robyn from I Heart Kids Art (http://iheartkidsart.com/) come and make superhero capes and wristbands with the kids… Which we then displayed in our photo booth.

(Inspiration: http://onemoremushroom.com/2012/10/24/super-hero-photo-booth/)

Not going to lie, this was my favorite part… (how cute are they??!)

Superhero Pic Collage


Some more cuteness…



IMG_0481 IMG_0495 IMG_0473 IMG_0573



Don’t worry, Finn didn’t forget about his other favs (TMNT).  They’re kind of superheroes, right?  His cake was TMNT and of course, he insisted on eating the fondant Leo head straight up…

Finn Turns 4-65 Finn Turns 4-63(Photo credit: http://www.kmephotomn.com/)

IMG_0687 IMG_0700

Happy 4th birthday to my favorite superhero… I hope you always remain as fun, creative, quirky, and independently minded as you are right now!


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