40 years is a really long time…

Unless you are in love!  (Just kidding, not that sentimental, sorry.)  Happy (belated- we’ll get to that later) 40th wedding anniversary to my parents- who still seem to like each other after many decades of marriage.  I collected a few fun pictures to share- under the guise of a school project for Finn.  Don’t worry, mom, I didn’t share the really bad ones (remember this when you are contemplating posting those really awful junior high pics to Facebook)…

Way back when, we’ll just say the 50s, two adorable babies were born…


Fast forward about 18 years, those two babies, now high school students, meet and start courting… and it continues for a few years.


Until this happens…

10668889_709121985834430_7185095848159959433_o (1)

And a couple of (adorable if you ignore the mullet and bowl cut) kids later…


And a couple of cute grandkids (sorry, had to do it) after that…




And you get here (give or take a few other milestones, but you get the drift).  Aren’t they cute?

VonRuden Fall 2012-170(photo credit: KME Photopgraphy http://www.kmephotomn.com/)

And to celebrate the occasion, my sister and I pulled off what I considered to be a pretty great feat- we managed to SURPRISE both of them with a small gathering of friends and family (hence the belated acknowledgement).  Even Finn was in the know and kept mum.  We only managed to get a few iphone pics at the party, but fun was had by all.  Thanks to everyone who attended, and helped keep the secret; and a special shout out to cousin Shannon, who showed up early to help us decorate.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.  Here’s to 40 more years!

PicMonkey Collage


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