celebrating one year of max!


Happy first birthday, Maxwell Patrick Keogh! You lasted a whole year in our crazy household.  Good job, buddy!

Here is what Max Keogh, Age 1 looks like:

  • 95th percentile for weight, 50th percentile for height- one solid chunk of a kid
  • Favorite Foods: chicken, cheese, and yogurt melts; Least Favorite Foods: absolutely everything else
  • Walking for almost two months now (sitting still is so overrated)
  • Finally sleeping through the night- although I probably just jinxed that (sleep- also overrated, apparently)
  • Favorite things to do: play with (not in) the bath tub, climb the stairs, play chase/catch (Finn coined) with his brother, hide and seek, toys that include a hammer, and feeding the puppies all the food he doesn’t want to eat (pretty much everything)
  • Words: Dada, Mama, and something that we’re pretty sure is supposed to be “Zelda”

Having thrown Finn a first birthday bash, it was obviously obligatory that we throw Max one as well.  It came together much easier than was originally feared given the time of year (cold, close to the holidays, obviously hectic)- a cookies and hot chocolate theme at my work coffee shop (http://jarthurscoffee.com/ if you happen upon the Roseville Area looking for a good cup of joe).

Max Party

The kids got to decorate cookies and and the adults got some much needed caffeine, and Max got to run around like a goof… it was all good.

Max Party 2

IMG_0748     IMG_0670


IMG_0760    IMG_0761


Happy Birthday Max, Maxwell, Maxer, Mighty Max, Bear, Munch, and/or Our Favorite Littlest Man.  You have an infectious grin and an even more infectious laugh.  Thanks for keeping the last year fun, crazy, entertaining and exhausting in a good way.  We love you, buddy!

(Some one year pics by KME Photography- http://www.kmephotomn.com/)

Keogh December 2014-212 Keogh December 2014-197 Keogh December 2014-138 Keogh December 2014-75 Keogh December 2014-69 Keogh December 2014-35 Keogh December 2014-27-2 Keogh December 2014-16Keogh December 2014-12




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