keogh family board game


This has been on my to-do list for awhile, ever since I saw it on (thanks for the great idea, Nicki), and I finally followed through this weekend.  Drew was out of town, and being that Finn is the easier of the two munchkins, he got the short end of the attention stick this weekend.  So when Max decided to take an almost three (yes, three!) hour nap on Sunday morning, Finn and I got to have some Finn and Mom time- which of course meant crafts.

Finn decided on the concept: you spin and either land on a Finn square (Finn, Leo, Mario, or Batman), a Max square (Max, Mikey, Toad, or Robin), a Mommy square (me, Donny, Peach, or Batgirl), or a Daddy square (Drew, Raph, Luigi, or Superman)- first one to the end wins.  These, in case you hadn’t guessed, are the theme contenders for next year’s family Halloween costumes.  Finn helped pick and print pictures, manned the glue stick, and helped decorate the board.  He even gave each of the game pieces a turtle costume (naturally)- front and back.  We’ll probably play it twice before he’s bored with it, but at least we have an original show and tell for next week!

IMG_7601 IMG_7597 IMG_7590IMG_7614


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