30/30 part 1

So, true to form, I am super behind on all my personal, wish list projects (thank you, Pinterest for flooding me with ideas but not teaching me how to add hours in the day). Luckily, my focus has been kids and work (and very occasionally, sleep), so at least the important stuff is happening. I am finally organizing all of the photos from the 30 for 30 project I attempted earlier this year (a picture a day for 30 days). I would love to have tried a 365 project, but let’s be honest, I’m lucky 30 days happened.  My goal for this year is to improve, improve, improve… which means A LOT of practice, so at least this was a start. In an effort to not have a ridiculously long post, here are the first 15 days…

1/30: Stella in her happy place (the SLP dog park)


 2/30: Finn signing his Valentines (with an ACR pen)


3/30: Max checking out the snow


4/30: Finn watching cartoons in the morning sun


5/30: Blowing balloons


6/30: Valentine’s Day! (PS- it was really hard to find a conversation heart that didn’t say something like, “txt me”… really?)


7/30: Being goofy


8/30: Getting to go to work with Daddy… in his jammies… and it snowed.  A good day.


9/30: Stella keeping an eye on the squirrels


10/30: We kinda like turtles here… (and making Mommy draw us pictures)


11/30: More goofiness


12/30: No more monkeys jumping on the bed


13/30: Sat am- a stop at the grandparent’s and a trip to Breadsmith


14/30: The Works Museum (in costume, naturally)


15/30: Buying flowers for his teachers (his idea)



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