disney world… finally!

So, true to form, I’m behind (still) on all my personal projects. But, better late than never, here are the first half of our Disney pics (only a month late). Yes, the first half. I’m already having trouble weeding though and I have way too many favorites for one post. Sorry in advance…

Here’s the breakdown: Finn had a blast. He did really, really well for what was an exhausting vacation. Granted, Drew had to carry him on his shoulders for much of the trip, but all and all he did us proud. We started and ended with the Magic Kingdom, and hit up Hollywood Studios and Cocoa Beach in between. Finn was not as excited to meet the characters as I would have thought (only Buzz and Mickey), but he loved the rides. In particular Buzz Lightyear Spin (17 times over two days), Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor (4 times), Star Tours (Star Wars’ flight simulator- 4 times), and the Frozen Sing Along (only got to do that once, but boy can that kid belt out “Let It Go”…). His character claim to fame- he literally got run over by Buzz. Apparently the field of vision is not great in the costumes and and he couldn’t see Finn standing right beside him, so he plowed right into him. Luckily, mom was on hand to photograph Finn’s head bouncing off of Buzz’s side. But Buzz was quick to offer a hug, so not even a single tear was shed.  Whew.

So here you go… Days 1-3 (airport, Magic Kingdom day 1, and Hollywood Studios).


IMG_9836IMG_9843IMG_9853IMG_9917IMG_9925IMG_9946IMG_9963IMG_9975IMG_9989IMG_0006IMG_0063IMG_0056IMG_0085 IMG_0100IMG_0101IMG_0075-2IMG_0014IMG_0143IMG_0200IMG_0187IMG_0176IMG_0226IMG_0217




2 thoughts on “disney world… finally!

  1. We are going to Mexico next week. Can you drop everything and do all our family vacation photos? They will turn out better and I’ll not be at risk of dropping the camera in the water while swimming with dolphins. Thanks in advance. 😎

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