fun on the fourth (and fifth)!

We spent pretty much all Fourth of July weekend outside, which was awesome. As we all know, when you get a nice weekend in MN, you make the most of it. Except if you are down visiting my grandparents in Claremont, MN- then you grab the kids and run straight for the house and still end up with a ton of mosquito bites. Max, seemingly unfazed by the bugs, went in and out about a hundred times and ran all over the woods and ended up looking like he’d fallen victim to the plague. Yet, for all the mosquito bites (all over his face, no less), I never once saw him itch them. But otherwise, outdoor fun was had by all. Finn got to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s twice to go bike riding (with his new bike- an early birthday gift from them), we visited the “Greats” (what Finn calls my grandparents) and survived the bugs, we had a fourth of July picnic with friends, Finn got to go watch fireworks, we had a fifth of July picnic with more friends (and more grandparents) and the boys ended the weekend with a trip to Bubba Mikey’s. Kinda tired just typing it all!



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