Happy Halloween! Love, Phil, Bob, Tim, Dave and Kevin…

Halloween happens to be a favorite holiday at our house.  Beside the candy, we kinda, sorta, maybe like costumes over here.  Just a little bit.  And once again, Finn dictated the family costume- which always includes Auntie Kelly and Dexter (we might be in for a battle when Max finally has an opinion and vetoes Finn’s ideas, but that will be a story for next year). We were Phil (Kelly), Bob (Max), Tim (me), Dave (Finn) and Kevin (Drew).  Max even carried around Bob’s bear (in the form of a reindeer) and made it to at least 5 houses before melting down over not being able to eat all the candy as it was handed out (we considered this a success).  Now to start planning next year’s costume…




And… so we could all get in the picture, Kirsten (of KME Photography) and Lily were nice enough to stop over and take a couple of photos.  Pretty sure Lily had ulterior motives (she may have had her sights set on Dexter).  She even came dressed as an ice cream sundae to his banana.  Some sparks were flying. Love.

[photo credit: KME Photography]

Halloween 2015-105Halloween 2015-40Halloween 2015-75Halloween 2015-87


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