The Minnesota Project: January

I am very excited to be part of a Minnesota blog circle called The Minnesota Project (thanks, Sarah W, for inviting me to join).  This is a group of extremely talented Minnesota ladies, and I am so thrilled (and overwhelmed) to be participating, and to to be sharing some of my favorite photos from the last month.  And after you’ve checked out my photos, be sure to follow the blog circle around and enjoy all of the amazing images.  Next up is Sarah Hudson of Sarah Hudson Photography.


Downtown Mpls, for the Cities in Color Project (January’s color was “white”)…


Nothing says Minnesota in the winter like a little snow and really, really dirty vehicles…


Checking out First Ave with Finn (he was a little disappointed that he couldn’t find a star for One Direction)…


Cabin fever setting in as the windchill remains below zero for several days in a row…


And my super crabby kids in the most amazing donut shop (Glam Doll Donuts).  I know, right?  What sort of crazy kids don’t like donuts?!



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