The Minnesota Project: January

Welcome 2017!  I wish I could say we’d been a little more adventurous so far this year, but it turns out we were pretty much homebodies for January!  We did try a couple of new things, though… check out our January and then follow the blog circle around to see what everyone else was up to!  Next up is the very talented Carrie, of C. Bayless Photography.

Finn and I spent the last day of winter break checking out The Crayola Experience at the MOA.  Our fave- making personalized crayons.


We did Math Night at Finn’s school- which might not sound like an adventure, but that’s only b/c you haven’t taken Max to a crowded event before…


InnerActive indoor playground is a new favorite- it’s close, not too big, but still with several ways to run off some kid (and dad) energy.


Kite Festival at Lake Harriet- which sounds like more fun than it actually was.  Turns out, it’s really hard to keep a kite in the air when it’s cold, there’s not any wind, and you’re crabby b/c the mini donut line is taking forever and you’re HUNGRY.  (Or “hangry”- Finn’s new favorite word. Except don’t call him that when he’s actually “hangry”!)



And of course, any month would not be complete without several trips to our favorite place…