The Minnesota Project: December

December was busy.  And with the cold weather keeping us indoors, and the holidays keeping us busy, we didn’t get to explore too many new places.  But we did get out- even it was just to visit our favorite haunts…

Capped off swimming lessons for 2016 (at the Ridgedale YMCA)- the boys really improved his year, which was fun to see.


Had an Ikea playdate/photo date with our fellow MN blog circle participants, Jo Davis and Emily Ockwig.  B/c who doesn’t love Ikea photos?!


I got to accompany Finn’s class on a field trip to the Mill City Museum.  (Checking out the river from the observation deck…)


Celebrated Max’s Young, Wild and Three birthday at The Little Gym of Edina (which is actually in St. Louis Park). Highly, highly recommend them for parties.  Max had a blast.


Made sure to hit up our faves, Brueggers and Target…


And of course we got to see Santa (at J. Arthur’s Coffee in Roseville). Max was pretty sure Santa was his new best friend (which is pretty cute considering he doesn’t associate Santa with presents- he just really likes the guy)!


Hope everyone had a great holiday season and a great end of the year. 2017 here we come! Make sure to follow the blog circle around to see what everyone else was up to in December.  Next up is the talented Jo Davis!


july fourth- nailed it!

Another holiday weekend done right. A BBQ, a picnic, a gathering with friends, a play date, a bike parade, fireworks, the splash pad… Happy Birthday, America- we celebrated the heck out of you!

4th of July (1 of 1)-37 4th of July (1 of 1)-42

Carrying on the new/old tradition, we had the requisite July 4th picnic (held on July 6th). This one included three generations of picnickers.  We’ve been family friends since preschool and elementary school. Almost 33 years of friendship and now our kids are friends. Not many people can claim those kind of relationships- we’re pretty lucky.

4th of July (1 of 1) (2)

And Finn beat Grandpa at arm wrestling, so he was feeling pretty lucky too…

4th of July (1 of 1)-3

Of course, the actual 4th included sparklers and fireworks, a sprinkler, BBQ, cute babies and 2/$5 flag t-shirts- does it get more American? (Note Max’s tank top and a lady on both arms…)

4th of July (1 of 1)-19

4th of July (1 of 1)-20

4th of July (1 of 1)-16

4th of July (1 of 1)-11

4th of July (1 of 1)-4

We also got to spend time with some of Drew’s junior high friends (it’s not preschool, but 20+ years of friendship isn’t too shabby either) and their adorable kids.

Dinner at Jamie and Cara's (1 of 1)-6

Finn had a play date with one of his school best buds…

Playdate with Lev (1 of 1)-3 Playdate with Lev (1 of 1)-8


Reenacted his school bike parade (several times)…

Playing with Joe (1 of 1)-6 Bike parade (1 of 1)-2

And did a little star gazing… (surprisingly we didn’t see any)!

Finn (1 of 1)-19 Finn (1 of 1)-24

Maybe we could just have a three day weekend every week?  Seriously… we promise to do it right!

Happy Fourth of July!

happy father’s day!



Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there… two in particular: My dad, who never let having girls get in the way of coaching sports (even though we were horribly uncoordinated), taking us camping and exploring all over Minnesota (a tradition which will be passed along to my kids), teaching us to “pull my finger” and how not to eat the fart (and other important life skills), and basically being an all around great dad; and my husband, who isn’t afraid to dress up with his son, who gets excited every time he can introduce our kids to one of his childhood traditions, who can play for hours (and hours) at the park, and who is honestly crazy about our two mini-mes.

And a belated shout out to my mom (ok, now I am a bad daughter)…


Girl Scout leader, school volunteer (the Areostar was always stocked with field trip treats), awesome party thrower, best homemade treats maker (hands down)… all around great mom and now a great (“awesome” that is, we’re not THAT old yet) grandma (and baby-sitter). Thanks for setting the example for me.

Happy Father’s Day!


mother’s day DIY-ing…


Yes, I know Mother’s Day has passed, but we couldn’t post this until we’d actually delivered our Mother’s Day gift to my mom. (And in case anyone is wondering why I didn’t see my mom until several weeks after the actual day, no, I’m not a bad daughter, she was on vacation!)

Here’s what Finn and I made her.  Finn’s contribution: taping and painting the pot and helping me plant the succulent. My contribution: the washi tape flag.  I must say, we were pretty impressed with ourselves (mostly b/c it turned out as envisioned, which isn’t always the outcome of our projects).  Finn and I are both a little particular- poor kid, I passed on the OCD gene.


If you are in need of some (awesome) washi tape, this shop has a fantastic selection… including some super cute road tape that Finn and I have been using to create a race track throughout the house (that, however, is fodder for another blog post).



we kicked memorial day weekend’s, er… bottom!

Anyone who lives in MN knows that you make the most of a perfect (weather) weekend when you have the chance. We totally followed through this weekend. Here are the stats:

  • playgrounds visited: 6
  • trips to the library: 2
  • BBQs with friends: 2
  • trips to the splash pad: 1
  • trips to the dog park: 2
  • The Cat and The Hat and overnight with Bubba and Nana
  • Mom and Dad sort of date night (only one kid with us totally felt like a date night)



Growing up, we had a group of families with whom we picnicked every Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. Seriously some of the best memories.  Two of our families have decided to carry on the tradition with our kids (and some newer friends). Image

The toddlers had a blast and I got to hang out with some cute babies (my own included)…


The boys decided to pose for their first album cover… (This wasn’t on purpose, they just refused to stand next to each other.  Goofs.)



Finn wouldn’t appreciate if I left out one of his highlights- new Captain America Shandals (yup, what they’re called) with light up stars…


And you know it was a good weekend when you find this…


Happy Memorial Day!

happy mother’s day!

So I admit it, I don’t love every second of being a mom.  Anyone stuck in that moment where everything collapses at once (both kids having crying, screaming meltdowns, the dogs trying loudly to protect the house from the cute little bunny taking up residence in the front yard, the cat puking on the carpet that we just paid to have cleaned, mom covered in spit up and pretty sure a shower isn’t in the cards for today…) has taken a second to calculate the exact number of minutes until their children (hopefully) move out of the house. You know you have… That being said, I don’t think I could be more crazy about the two little people who moved in and took over my life. Finn, my creative, character-loving, costume wearing, chocolate stealing, goofy, opinionated, spunky, mama’s boy, makes every day crazy, fun, exhausting and memorable.  And Max just makes everyone want to smile with his infectious grin and twinkling eyes… Happy to know these tiny people.