The Minnesota Project: January

Welcome 2017!  I wish I could say we’d been a little more adventurous so far this year, but it turns out we were pretty much homebodies for January!  We did try a couple of new things, though… check out our January and then follow the blog circle around to see what everyone else was up to!  Next up is the very talented Carrie, of C. Bayless Photography.

Finn and I spent the last day of winter break checking out The Crayola Experience at the MOA.  Our fave- making personalized crayons.


We did Math Night at Finn’s school- which might not sound like an adventure, but that’s only b/c you haven’t taken Max to a crowded event before…


InnerActive indoor playground is a new favorite- it’s close, not too big, but still with several ways to run off some kid (and dad) energy.


Kite Festival at Lake Harriet- which sounds like more fun than it actually was.  Turns out, it’s really hard to keep a kite in the air when it’s cold, there’s not any wind, and you’re crabby b/c the mini donut line is taking forever and you’re HUNGRY.  (Or “hangry”- Finn’s new favorite word. Except don’t call him that when he’s actually “hangry”!)



And of course, any month would not be complete without several trips to our favorite place…



The Minnesota Project: November

So November pretty much flew by.  It’s just that month sandwiched between Finn’s two favorite holidays- Halloween and Christmas.  But we managed to get a few places- mostly inside, because, well, we live in MN, and it’s cold here.  But only in MN would you be able to go from wearing flips flops at the beginning of the month to wearing snow pants at the end of the month.  But nobody here is complaining (much)… Check out our November and then follow the blog circle around to see everyone else’s November MN adventures! Next up is the extremely sweet and talented Jo Davis!

We started swimming lessons back up this month- so we spend every Saturday am at the Ridgedale YMCA… and Max leaves ready for a LONG nap- win!


We’ve also spend several Saturdays evenings at the Minnesota Children’s Museum.  They are closing for the winter to finish renovations, so we needed to get our fix before they did.  Not surprisingly, the boys favorite part was the air tubes in the new Forces at Play exhibit.


We made a few trips to Breadsmith- it’s our go-to spot for treats when Finn has a day off school.  And see- flip flops mid November!


And then two days later this happened…


Max got to try ice skating for the first time at Braemar Ice Arena.  He was pretty excited.  Actual time on the ice lasted less than a minute…


And we spent a non-traditional Thanksgiving at the Water Park of America. Our first time there and the boys LOVED it.


Hope everyone is staying warm!!! And happy holidays!

The Minnesota Project: September

So September pretty much flew by- which isn’t all bad because we’re super excited for October, as it means Halloween, but sad because summer is truly over.  But bring on costume season- as you may have guessed, it’s a favorite over here.

For Labor Day this year we rented a house in Dassel, MN with two other families.  We usually go up North, but we opted for closer to home and away from the rest of the cabin crowd.  Although Max still called it our “up north house”.  We did a lot of fishing, Uno Attack playing, and fending off of mosquitos.  But the best part was that the kids really enjoyed just hanging out with one another (as did the adults).  Check out a couple of photos below and then follow the blog circle around- next up is Jo Davis!


The Minnesota Project: August

After a busy spring and summer, we have resurrected the Minnesota blog circle- with a new theme: Explore MN.

Surprisingly enough, we made it to a few places besides Target this summer! Check out our MN August… then follow the blog circle around to see some other amazing MN exploration.  Next up is the amazing Sarah from Sarah Ann Photography!

My first trip (and Max’s) to Canterbury Park to see the horse races (Shakopee, MN)…


The Edina Pool (Edina, MN)…


Our first trip to Bush Lake Beach (Bloomington, MN)…


Como Town on Finn’s last day of 5 (St. Paul, MN)…


Trying out Kidcreate Studio for Finn’s 6th birthday (Eden Prairie, MN)…


And our first time at the Children’s Museum since all the regular exhibits closed-and before the new, remodeled exhibits opened (St. Paul, MN)!





The Minnesota Project: February


Welcome to another month of The Minnesota Project.  February seemed to fly by at our house- and it brought along some crazy weather.  It was warm(ish), then we finally got some good snow, and then it melted and was 60, and now it’s back to being cold.  And so it goes…

Snowshoeing on Lake of the Isles…


The cabin fever from Jan continues…


Checking out the Eden Prairie Ice Castles…



Less than a week later, the snow was almost gone and we were biking…


And then the cold returned. I think we’re ready for spring to make an appearance.


Hopefully you enjoyed this glimpse into our February.  Be sure to follow the blog circle around and check out everyone else’s month!  Next up is the extremely talented Erin of Erin Blair Photography!

The Minnesota Project: January

I am very excited to be part of a Minnesota blog circle called The Minnesota Project (thanks, Sarah W, for inviting me to join).  This is a group of extremely talented Minnesota ladies, and I am so thrilled (and overwhelmed) to be participating, and to to be sharing some of my favorite photos from the last month.  And after you’ve checked out my photos, be sure to follow the blog circle around and enjoy all of the amazing images.  Next up is Sarah Hudson of Sarah Hudson Photography.


Downtown Mpls, for the Cities in Color Project (January’s color was “white”)…


Nothing says Minnesota in the winter like a little snow and really, really dirty vehicles…


Checking out First Ave with Finn (he was a little disappointed that he couldn’t find a star for One Direction)…


Cabin fever setting in as the windchill remains below zero for several days in a row…


And my super crabby kids in the most amazing donut shop (Glam Doll Donuts).  I know, right?  What sort of crazy kids don’t like donuts?!


Happy Halloween! Love, Phil, Bob, Tim, Dave and Kevin…

Halloween happens to be a favorite holiday at our house.  Beside the candy, we kinda, sorta, maybe like costumes over here.  Just a little bit.  And once again, Finn dictated the family costume- which always includes Auntie Kelly and Dexter (we might be in for a battle when Max finally has an opinion and vetoes Finn’s ideas, but that will be a story for next year). We were Phil (Kelly), Bob (Max), Tim (me), Dave (Finn) and Kevin (Drew).  Max even carried around Bob’s bear (in the form of a reindeer) and made it to at least 5 houses before melting down over not being able to eat all the candy as it was handed out (we considered this a success).  Now to start planning next year’s costume…




And… so we could all get in the picture, Kirsten (of KME Photography) and Lily were nice enough to stop over and take a couple of photos.  Pretty sure Lily had ulterior motives (she may have had her sights set on Dexter).  She even came dressed as an ice cream sundae to his banana.  Some sparks were flying. Love.

[photo credit: KME Photography]

Halloween 2015-105Halloween 2015-40Halloween 2015-75Halloween 2015-87